Why Infographics has become the popular content marketing strategy for small websites?

Developing the right content marketing strategy is the most crucial thing for your small business. The reason being, given the loads of content already available on the internet, the small business owners need to be careful enough to set themselves apart from others through their content marketing tactics. The right strategy aids in educating and informing the consumers about the business besides developing a deep connection between the business owners and their consumers.

Infographics has emerged as one of the most popular content marketing strategy for businesses across diverse industries. An infographic effectively informs the relevant information and data to the consumers, all the while giving a cutting edge to small business owners.

Still not clear about the role of infographics, then read on the major benefits of Infographics which makes them such a hit strategy for small websites:

Simple to read and understand

Infographics offer information through appealing visuals. It helps to quickly read through the information with lucidity as well as restore the same in the minds of the readers. Since 65% of the readers are visual learners, infographics permits fast acceptance and memorization of the information long after the time it was read.

Captivating and compelling presentation

At least 90% of the information that is transmitted to the brain is in visuals. Therefore, in comparison to traditional text, the visual presentation of data is easily absorbed and retained by readers.
The presentation is the best part of an infographic as different aspects of the content, whether text or statistics, are defined in systematic and appealing manner. The whole presentation thus looks impressive and creates trustworthiness.


Infographic- Effective content marketing strategy


Well researched and authentic

For producing an infographic that offers deep insight about the industry, it requires thorough research backed with sufficient facts and knowledge. Such kind of visual presentation is well-received by the readers as it enhances their knowledge base in creative manner. It also proves the authenticity and authority of the business owner.


Great visuals prompt readers to like and share the posts. This naturally draws more traffic. Consequently, Google ranks such infographic posts at higher level in comparison to plain text content. This further attracts more traffic on such visually appealing posts. As per research, the sites who use infographics witness growth of 12% in traffic more than those who do not use infographics.

Strong Customer connection

As the infographic posts aims to educate the audience about the topic discussed, even providing solutions to specific problems, the people get instantly connected. This paves the way for relationship building between the brand and the audience. Moreover, it also creates a big scope of developing strong customer base without appearing ‘salesy’.


It is easy to embed code in the infographic posted which makes sharing of the infographic more convenient. When people share the same on their websites, it results in more traffic coming from their websites back to the original site where the infographic was first shared.

It’s evident now that the infographics is the ‘in’ thing and is here to stay as the successful content marketing strategy. Therefore, small websites need to embrace this popular strategy to grab bigger pie of the customer base.
The right kind of content marketing is undoubtedly an asset and a weapon to keep by your side for attaining edge over competitors. For any kind of content solutions for your marketing strategy, you can get in touch with us at deeptiankur@gmail.com.